The Real World Approach

Our philosophy is grounded on the need for suppliers and retailers to work together to create mutual value that drives both growth and profitability.

  • Growth comes from understanding and providing solutions for consumers and shoppers in meeting needs in optimal and inspiring ways across the range of pre and in store opportunities.
  • Growth is accessed when shoppers transact in-store or online and what is critical is that the in-store focus clearly understands how it is targeted incremental value.
  • Ensuring that this agenda for growth focuses and if needed re-directs investment so that activities are clearly purposed and reviewed for sustainable growth creation sit at the heart of our Real World approach.

Consumer Usage Drivers. The underlying needs behind consumer demand & plans to unlock the opportunities.


In-store Demand Levers. How we influence shopper behaviour to realise conversion


Sustainable Value Creations. How we capitalise upon cost efficiencies along the value chain.

We integrate Retailer – Category – Supplier understanding to turn insight into growth.

How do we do it?

We bring rigorous, insight led consulting processes to help uncover the opportunities for better business outcomes.

We harness and synthesize the best of what clients already have and then add to this base with our unique industry knowledge and frameworks.

We support, coach, facilitate and challenge the collective wisdom and capability to create breakthroughs in understanding and alignment.

Our proven approach is based on that fact that the right analysis, questions to ask and approach to a problem leads to the right data that creates the right insight to provide confidence behind the right strategy and the right solution.

Our solutions are built around the outcomes our clients need to achieve and these outcomes are only realised by creating value for stakeholders and customers.

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Our Solutions

Category Growth Strategy

We help clients develop insight led category growth plans that maximise opportunities for brands and provide the right focus for in store solutions. Its about providing a platform for deeper customer collaboration and engagement.

Category Blueprint Execution

We have unique approaches to develop best in class in store solutions across range, merchandising, shelf enlivenment, shopper marketing and promotions.

Sales Collaboration & Commercial Excellence

Execution is everything. Sales and customer teams need to connect the Sales agenda with the Category / Customer agenda into one roadmap for growth and profit. We help Sales team’s step change thinking and capability to lead in this area.

Portfolio & Brand Strategy

We help brands understand where they are in a category growth context and bring clarity, purpose and role to brands so that they become central and compelling in achieving category growth.

Revenue Management

We help suppliers understand how every SKU counts, either creating or eroding value in the category. Using the very latest in pricing analytics, optimal category range architecture and promotional strategy we help businesses execute revenue opportunities. A ‘must have’ capability for today’s consumer goods suppliers.

Negotiation Excellence & Commercial Selling

We have a specialist approach to negotiation that includes global best practice in process, training and embedding new skills that create value.

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